The Attraction of ‘Dips’ – finger foods need a dip!

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From a very young age babies and toddlers love to ‘dip’ food. We’re always expanding our dip repertoire and I’ve been experimenting with sweet dips. Here’s my daughter enjoying apple and blueberry puree with her toast. Creme freche and grated apple with a dusting of cinnamon is a favorite with croissants, and yoghurt and honey goes down well too.


apple and blueberry dip

Good old favorites include hummus, garlic and sourcream, creme fraiche and chive, beetroot and lentil, sweet and sour tomato, roasted aubergine, pea and mint, and so many more. Let us know if you find some winning combinations. I’m yet to try a sweetcorn one… I feel a new dip is going to be tried at dinner tonight, with caramelised onion fritters I think.