Great Finger Food For Weaning Babies – Cheese and Apple Fritters with Tomato and Bean Sauce

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It seems that all the babies and toddlers I know will eat these cheesey appley fritters (until they reach that dreadful fussy stage around 2 at least!). If you’re a regular here you’ll know that fritters and pancakes are commonly recurring recommendations – they are just so quick and so yummy. Try them.

The principle is to grate some cheese and apple into a bowl and crack an egg on top. Mix in some gram flour and self raising flour in equal proportions (the gram flour adds some protein for little veggies like in our house). Mix to a thick pancake batter with milk, or soya milk, or even water. Then fry in a hot pan and keep warm in the oven (this is useful as it will ensure the center of the fritters are fully cooked). We often add quinoa or cous cous for more texture too.

I like to serve them with a tomato lentil or bean sauce. Sometimes you might want to blend this up if you have a fussy non-lentil eater! I recommend having some cooked beans and lentils in the freezer so you can just pop a few into the sauce. For adults you can make it spicy or smokey or indeed make a lime and chilli butter to have on your fritters too.  Enjoy x

apple fritter