Eggy Quesadillas – a quick, filling and nutritious finger food lunch

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Wraps are so versatile (and actually even quite easily homemade). These are just shop-bought wraps with a sort of omelet filling which make a brilliant, quick and nutritious meal. Little ones love to hold their own food so these are ideal for independent eaters. It’s also a great way to get in lots of vegetables as you can grate in whatever you like really.

We tend to sort of scramble up an egg separately first to make sure it’s cooked through, but you can just pour it onto the wrap and cook it like a cheesey quesadilla. So whilst the egg is cooking we heat up a large frying pan and put a wrap in to warm through. Then we recommend a layer of pesto, or garlic butter (or chilly sauce for the grown us) before adding grated cheese and then the egg. It’s a good idea to grate in some other things too, like carrots, or peppers, or red onions, chopped spinach, squashed black-eyed beans, chopped sweetcorn……. or anything else you fancy. Make sure there’s enough cheese as it is what will hold both sides of your wrap together. Press a second wrap on top and turn it over so both sides brown and the filling is warmed through.




omelet wrap

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