Cooking with Toddlers – Cheese Scones

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Most little people love to cook, and the more they do with you and for themselves the more likely they are to try new things and enjoy their food.

Cheese scones are simple and quick enough that they make a great savory option for cooking with your toddler. We like to make them for lunch and eat with vegetable crudites, cream cheese and chutneys.


The basic recipe can be looked up anywhere but we usually use around:

200grams of SR flour

50grams of butter

100 grams grated cheese

1tsp baking powder

90ml milk

herbs and cayenne pepper


Simple rub the butter into the flour to make breadcrumbs. Then mix in the cheese and herbs/ spices, before adding the milk to make a dough. Roll out quite thick and use cutters to make the scones, re-rolling to make more.


I recommend balance scales for use with little ones, as they love to make it balance so can help from the very beginning of the recipe. From about 2 years old you can teach your child how to safely chop butter and carefully use a grater. The rubbing in can be done by any age! As can the rolling out; cutting with cookie cutters; brushing on extra milk as a glaze and sprinkling with a little extra cheese.


So get cooking!