We run our classes in your kitchen, for up to 5 adults and their babies.


We have a range of classes to suit based on the age of your child. All our classes focus on developing skills and ideas around how to cook for your baby, rather than teaching one-off recipes.

We want you to go away with more confidence to try new things that your baby will enjoy.

All classes start with an informal chat about your cooking and babies’ eating habits, over a cup of tea. When it’s time to get cooking people can join in as and when, depending on the babies!

Most of the dishes we will make are finger foods.


All ingredients will be provided for the class, along with the equipment needed.

Everything is sugar and salt free and most ingredients will be organic.

All foods prepared will be meat and fish free although advice on these dishes can be given if requested.

We discuss preferences from our menu selection with the class host prior to the session. We’ll aim to make 3 or 4 dishes per session.

All can be can be gluten, egg and dairy free as requested by the host.

A 2 hour class, for up to five people, with all ingredients
provided, starts from £14 per person.

To learn more, fill in our enquiry form, or give us a call.

Class options:

4-7 Months Class

Varied Veg:
Roasting & sauteing vegetables
with herbs & spices
Cooking Fruit:
Stewing or poaching flavoured fruit
Polenta Fingers:
Sweet or savoury flavoured polenta sticks

8-11 Months Class

Dough Delights:
Savoury & sweet tricks with bread
Fritter Fun:
Ways with batter, using vegetables or fruit
Milky Puddings:
Sweet combinations of fruit,
rice & semolina

12+ Months Class

Pastry Power:
Different ways of using pastry,
sweet & savoury
Patties & Bites:
Easy Falafels & Arancini
Dipping Sauces:
Simple sauces for adding flavour


Super Snacks

Magic Toast:
Different ways with toast & toppings
Sugar Free Fruit Cakes:
Fruit & spice, with no sugar
Brilliant Biscuits:
Sweet or savoury nibbles

Cooking with your toddler
(12-36 months)

Dough Delights:
Savoury & sweet tricks with bread
Patties & Bites:
Easy Falafels & Arancini
Sugar Free Fruit Cakes:
Fruit & spice, with no sugar