Make Faces to Encourage Fussy Eaters

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Sometimes it can be tricky getting your babies and toddler sot try new foods, or come back to ones they’ve previously refused. Making monsters and funny faces can be a way to make meals more fun, and a little less … Continued

Picnic Pancake ‘Snails’!

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Lots of you might have seen these pancake rolls before at classes or playgroups I’ve been to. They make great picnic food too. Just thin pancakes rolled with sweet or savory filings. Here we have cream cheese and sweetcorn, but … Continued

Weaning – simple first finger foods

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Lots of people are keen to try baby lead weaning, find their babies prefer autonomy or want to try a mixture of spoon feeding purees and giving finger foods. Here are a few tips for simple foods to try at … Continued

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