Fruit ‘Dips’ as Snacks and Puddings

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Our Saturday and Sunday breakfasts have followed the dipping madness themes. But actually I wish we’d had this as a snack today as we needed something more substantial than the apple I had to offer.   Croissants dipped in yoghurt … Continued

Snacks – Sugar Free Scones

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Yummy! These little scones are made with pineapple puree instead of milk to sweeten them up deliciously. Only take a few minutes to prepare and a few more to cook. All the babies this afternoon loved them, in fact there … Continued

Fruity Baked Custard Treats

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Sugar free custard needs a little fruit to make it sumptuous. We like chopped apple and raisin, with vanilla and cinnamon in little tiny muffin cases (petite-four cases really I think). I always add a good spoonful of flour to … Continued

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