Fruit and Nut Bread Twists

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So we make pizza and other bready delights a lot, mostly because little hands love squashing out dough, but also because it’s fun playing around with ingredients and options. These are like little sugar free chelsea buns, made with nut … Continued

Mini Egg Puffs (Souffles)

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These are a favorite at Guzzles at the moment. Today we made cheese, spinach and sweet corn egg puffs – I don’t call them souffles because they’re so much easier than that. I just beat up the whole egg a … Continued

Five Spice Noodles

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We mostly talk about and prepare finger foods here at guzzles, but of course cutlery is good too! Try using chop-sticks with your tot and watch them marvel at the novelty. Noodles are great for any age over about 8 … Continued

We Love Pastry!

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  Pastry’s so versatile. We find most little ones love quiches and cheesy puffs, apple tarts, cinnamon and raisin twists ….. in fact I won’t give away all our ideas right here. There will no doubt be lots of shots … Continued

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