Bhajis – Left over vegetables with proteinous chickpea flour

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This is such a good way to use up vegetables that are left over from a previous meal. Just mix your vegetables into enough gram flour (chickpea/ besam flour) to make a paste (add a little water if you want flatter, pancake style fritters, or thicker for more dumpling shaped bhajis. Depending on what vegetables you’ve got (and how fussy your little one is) it’s tastier to add some ground coriander and cumin, as well as some finely chopped onions.




The chickpea flour is really nutritious and a great way to get pulses into your little one. It absorbs the moisture from the vegetables and stiffens up but does taste really quite unpleasant whilst it is raw though so wait until you fry it.

Heat your oil in a large flat pan until it’s really hot and spoon in blobs of the bhajis. Turn them and make sure they are cooked right through. I recommend piling them to the edge of the pan to ensure each one gets really well cooked.

Serve these in pitta bread with raita and grated carrot. Delicious!