Banana Custard – sugar-free pudding good for filling up hungry tummies

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Sometimes puddings are essential! There seem to be ‘growing’ moments when your little one just can’t get enough food. We find banana custard is a good, filling pudding, and relatively easy.

banana custard

Put a small cup of full fat milk (with some cream too if you want it richer) on to warm with a drip of vanilla essence. Separate one egg, and mix the yolk with a rounded teaspoon of flour (this is a cheat but helps it not to curdle and to thicken). You could add little honey or maple syrup if you want to sweeten it.

Once the milk is warm but not boiling pour it onto the egg yolk, mixing as you go. Wipe out the pan and pour it all back in. Heat slowly, and stir it as it starts to boil or it might go lumpy. Add the banana at the end of enjoy!