Apricot and Cranberry Bread Pudding – Ideal finger food for stage 2 eaters

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This is such a delicious and simple recipe that everyone in the family will enjoy this, but it’s ideal for babies who are desperate to feed themselves and want to try everything you’ve got. It’s enough of a ‘cake’ to satisfy most babies and toddlers that they are getting a decent treat as well.


bread pudding2

To make this great snack or pudding, just butter and then crumble or chop up half a loaf of old bread and mix it with 2 eggs, a good amount of full fat milk (and even some double cream). Then add chopped apricots and cranberries (or any other dried fruit of your choice, cranberries are normally sweetened a little so if you want to be strictly sugar-free use dates or raisins instead.) The mixture needs to be sloppy, so add milk or bread until you think it looks like a lumpy porridge. Then bake at 180 degree – like to make little muffins (which will take around 15-20mins) or a loaf like we made here will be nearer 30-35mins. Take it out when it’s brown and firm to the touch.

Enjoy in the sunshine – makes an ideal picnic pudding.