A Sweet Pizza! Sugar-free Pudding for Older Babies

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We find most little people love making dough, and obviously love puddings too! So this is a perfect raining bank holiday weekend thing to make.

We made a simple bread dough for pizza with babies and toddlers form 12months to 3.5 years. They all loved kneading and messing with the flour and dough, as well as choosing toppings for their pizzas. However the best bit was using the left over dough to make this delicious pear, raisin, almond and sesame sweet pizza.

A basic dough recipe can be looked up easily online, but is basically a good amount of flour (here we used a mixture of 00 pasta flour and wholemeal) with a sachet of yest which has been dissolved in warm water. Mix them together and add enough water so the dough is pliable. I like to add a generous slug of olive oil too as it helps make it smoother and cook browner around the edges.

We sliced ripe pear and sprinkled it with raisins, almonds and sesame seeds. You might like to add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup as well although here we were strictly sugar-free.

Baked in a hot oven for around 15 minutes this was a delicious desert, especially with a large helping of double cream. Perfect pudding for a cold grey day like today.

pear pizza