A Alternative to Pots of ‘Pink Yoghurt’ – cheap, healthy, delicious

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I’ve never really understood the obsession infants seem to have with pots of yoghurt and fromage frais. But they really do love them. The ingredients list can be a bit scary though – cochineal and plenty of sugar for a start. I recommend this combination as a great alternative.

yoghurt and fake jam

The meridian ‘jam’ can be found in most health food shops and is a fruit spread made with juice and no sugar. Any natural yoghurt works but full fat is best for those babes.

This might seem pricey when you’re at the shop but the fruit spread lasts a while. It works out loads cheaper overall than buying individual pots. The live yoghurt’s also good for those little tummies.We like to add chopped fruit or raisins, but however you take it, it’s yummy!